A campaign to modernize Wisconsin's alcohol laws

Drink Local Wisconsin. A campaign to help modernize WI alcohol laws.

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Why is this a big deal??


Craft Brewers may be a thing of the past

Free markets may not be so free in Wisconsin.  We all love our Wisconsin breweries, big or small.  They have defined this great state and we celebrate them all.  The rise of craft breweries and their unique onsite experience has some long standing alcohol businesses working diligently via their lobby representation to be sure they are severely disadvantaged.


Wineries are second class citizens

Wisconsin wineries are creating new revenue and opportunities for communities from Door County to Hudson.  Not so fast!  These emerging ag-tourism venues have been severely reigned in so they cannot compete with the establishments of the past.

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Distilleries deserve a chance

The artisan craft of specialty spirits are something Wisconsin residents and tourists now seek with excitement.  These emerging small businesses are being deliberately regulated by special interests to prevent their competitive expansion.


Local matters. Fairness matters. Drink Local Wisconsin.

Your help matters. You think steady elimination of craft breweries, wineries and distilleries cannot happen, but be assured it can.  Your call, email or voice in our fight for equality is essential in protecting all Wisconsin alcohol businesses. Join our fight! Drink Local Wisconsin.